the difference editing can make

Editing photos can do so many things for a raw natural shot. It can enhance coloring or improve/fix brightness & contrast. It can bring the best out in photos and sometimes can make them look worse. Like a few previous posts, these shots were all taken with an iPhone 4s and were all edited with snapseed on the phone. snapseed has become a good friend of mine lately. The versatility is about as close as you can get to photoshop on a mobile device. If you don’t have it, I strongly recommend picking it up. Here is a look at the difference editing can make in a photo…

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capturing through my iphone…

A look at the shots I’ve snapped over the last week between 02.17-02.23…

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it’s a digital age…

Things are a lot different than when we were younger. A first generation GameBoy wouldn’t entertain this guy for 3.2 seconds. In fact, he probably couldn’t even hold that heavy brick! Every now and then he likes to play with an old iPhone (2G,) when he actually calms down to. It’s quite fun to watch him mess around with it…


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through the lens of my iPhone : jan-feb ’12

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film that’s fun : our valentine

this little guy brings so much joy everyday to my wife and I. We are so thankful for him and the wonderful gift of life he is to us. here he is just over 21 months old and he doesn’t like to sit still.

This shot…
camera body: canon 60d
lens: 50mm f/1.4 USM
iso: 3200 f/2 shutter: 1/40

This was edited with the quick and dirty fun that is Toycamera Analogcolor. A great FREE desktop app to quickly make your pictures pop. go check it out!

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big bear : february ’12

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instagrams : feb 1-14 ’12

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