iPhone panoramic test…

This last weekend I tried snapping 4 shots to merge into a panoramic photo. At first glance it seems to have worked although at this time of day I got hit with some funky lighting as I moved right to left. The iPhone 4s can take some fabulous shots, although this may a slight flaw I’ve found. Lighting is great because its automated on it’s own on the iPhone, yet lighting is not great becuase it’s automated as well. Either way, take what you can from it, I was still able to catch the back bay in newport beach, ca somewhat here … natural light, about 5:45pm, no filters …


About pavonephotography

Graphic Artist with a long time passion for Photography.
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2 Responses to iPhone panoramic test…

  1. dontwastemytime2012 says:

    ooooooooooooo looking goood !!!!!!!!!!!!

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