the difference editing can make

Editing photos can do so many things for a raw natural shot. It can enhance coloring or improve/fix brightness & contrast. It can bring the best out in photos and sometimes can make them look worse. Like a few previous posts, these shots were all taken with an iPhone 4s and were all edited with snapseed on the phone. snapseed has become a good friend of mine lately. The versatility is about as close as you can get to photoshop on a mobile device. If you don’t have it, I strongly recommend picking it up. Here is a look at the difference editing can make in a photo…


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15 Responses to the difference editing can make

  1. These are great! I really like that they are “in comparison” rather than being simply the final edited image. Great point about editing in general as well.

    & downloading snapseed…now!
    Can’t wait to use it, thanks!

  2. Reblogged this on a hectic world of art and commented:
    I love these photos! & their comparison.

    Also, I too highly recommend Snapseed. I haven’t really had a chance to use it much yet. But after looking through it for a few moments I can tell that I will be losing quite a few hours playing with it! Woop woop! {iPhone love}

  3. chintan says:

    I agree!! Editing can really change the feel of the picture if done meaningfully!!

  4. Great post and love all the photos!!! You are so talented and creative!

  5. Capturing Light says:

    Great Work. The B/W sample is really strong. Do you have much control with saturation? Snapseed sounds great. I’ve come to love shooting with my smart phone and the ease of use. I used to lug around a 4×5/tripod and bag.
    Good stuff.

  6. ooh what a difference editing makes! love the mood of the shots post editing. will definitely check out snapseed!

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