capturing through my iphone…

A look at the shots I’ve snapped over the last week between 02.17-02.23…


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Graphic Artist with a long time passion for Photography.
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8 Responses to capturing through my iphone…

  1. its like oldschool future, i like it

  2. iz1photos says:

    Great pictures + nice tone!

  3. peasquared says:

    love, love, love your shots. i was wondering do you use a separate lens for your phone camera to get so much into the picture?

    • Thank you! No, these where all shot with the native iPhone camera, no extra lens’. All were later processed with the app snapseed. I find that it helps to take a step or two back to get more in your shot and later crop out what you don’t want. Thanks for reading.

  4. vivaloves says:

    Your photo’s are great!!!! I just bought a camera because my iphone photo’s never look good … now I know it isn’t the iphone … it’s that I can’t take pictures! hahahaha

    • Phones can be very tricky to grab a good shot with. You honestly have no control of what your snapping other than when to press the shutter. This can be a good thing or bad thing. A good thing in broad daylight with no shadows and clear skies. A bad thing when trying to grab night shots or in low light. It’s nice to not have to fuss with all the settings on a dslr sometimes though. Like anything else, the more you practice the more you’ll achieve better results. Keep trying, you never know!

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