instagrams : feb 1-14 ’12


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Graphic Artist with a long time passion for Photography.
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10 Responses to instagrams : feb 1-14 ’12

  1. Really beautiful pictures, Alexander. You capture the sense of the place really well and I love the retro feel.

    As you clearly know Azerbaijan well, I wonder if you can recommend a writer from there whose work has been translated into English (or whose work I could get translated) for my project A Year of Reading the World ( I have one or two suggestions on the list for Azerbaijan from universities in the States, but there’s nothing like recommendations from people who know the country firsthand.

  2. lilbrigs says:

    Love all your work

  3. Maggie L R says:

    Love your photos, The Childrens smiles are infectious, I could not help but smile back at them.

  4. donaldrnoyes says:

    Photos have a refreshing feel of “I’m tagging along with you and paying attention to what has captured yours” 20120217

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